Recap: Solé Presents Goldroom, Moon Boots, U-Tern, Tropicool & Bixel -- 2013 Launch Party

Whoa, talk about a rager.  Thanks to everyone who joined us last weekend for easily the raddest Solé event we've ever thrown.  And props to our incredible line-up of artists that made sure sweat was dripping from the ceiling by the end of the night.  See if you can find yourself actin' a fool in the recap vid.  


Also, our homie Rony was able to snap some ridiculous photos from the madness.  Check them out here!


Sole Bicycles: 2013 Line Launch Party @ V-Lounge courtesy BRILLIANT IMAGES


Do yourself a favor and learn a little more about these insanely talented artists and musicians that joined the Solé Launch Party. 


Music:                       Art:

Goldroom                 Taylor Dunfee

Moon Boots             Kelcey Fisher

U-Tern                      Jeff Weins

Tropicool                 Diego Valdivia

Bixel Boys                Sloth