Switching from Fixed Gear to Single Speed (Feat. SCS)

Over the last month lots of y'all have been asking about changing your Solé Bicycle from rugged fixed gear mode, over to our cruiser single speed mode.  Solé Family member Ben P has scoured the Venice boardwalk looking for a worthy teacher well versed in the bicycle arts.  

Today his journey culminated with an in-depth tutorial presented by none other then the masta blasta "Snake Charmer Solomon" himself.

Step 1

Grab Yer Tools 

Tools Needed:

1) Ghetto A** Wrench
2) Crap Sunglasses 
3) Rubber Snakes
4) Your Best Buddy!

Step 2

Loosen the Little Chain Tensioner Nuts


Step 3

Loosen the Big Axle Nuts

Step 4

Remove the Chain & Flip the Script on Em'


Step 5

Attach the Chain and Slide it in



Step 6

Tighten the Little Chain Tensioner Nuts



Step 7

Tighten the Big Axle Nuts



Step 8

Twerk it