Choosing Your Next Bike: Going Lightweight and Incorporating Artistry

Solé likes to think of bicycles as more than just mere transportation. Our bicycles are extensions of your life, and we want all our customers to feel the same. We’ve said it time and again that your bicycle should define art and functionality. It should be a mobile representation of who you are, or a mobile canvas. This is why we’re always talking to customers and helping them decide between a few sweet-ass shit design otions. As all our bicycles are fairly lightweight, we thought we’d just talk about all the aspects of choosing your first (or next!) Solé.

Going Lightweight

The lightweight bike is a European concept reintroduced in the US shortly after the war. It’s been a popular choice since then, whether for road, mountain, or commuter cycling purposes. With most featuring weight reduced by up to fifty percent compared to standard models, lightweight bikes are the easiest to ride. Think about it: you don’t have to use much energy, but you will go quite the distance on these babies.

All Solé bicycles are lightweight, and you can pick them up with just two fingers. Whether you choose to ride it as a fixie or single-speed, we’re proud to say you will get perfection. The construction of its frame geometry and tires maximizes speed and efficiency, ensuring you’re ready to cruise anytime.

Incorporating Artistry

Artistry – this is the element we’re most proud of. How many bicycle manufacturers can say they truly incorporate art into their products? Solé bicycles currently come in twelve designs, each with a distinct personality, tailor-made for its rider. From the sleek and opulent Delano to the feisty and powerful el Tigre, you’ll find something in our collection that will suit your personality best.

In line with our passion for design, we also make it so that you can modify the design of your bike. The bold and blank colors are your canvas, and you can make it as epic as you like. More than visuals, its construction is also an art, and you can rest assured knowing your Solé is not just stylish; it’ll get you places, too.

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