Express your Solé


Glenn Harris directed this video for us in-and-around 3 of the different boroughs of New York City, with the help of Glenn's exceptional Director of Photography Sergio Reynoso, and his hard working production team. 

Most of these high-speed shots were captured in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, with the goal to express the charisma and personality of each different borough. 

The main idea was to show constant motion during the course of the video. Instead of just looking at a stunning Solé Bicycle, the aim was to portray what it was really like to ride one.  

The talent; Marilyn Rondon, is a Brooklyn based artist and tattoo'd major babe.  Marilyn was the perfect subject to have a ride-along with, showing not only the pure fun of riding a Solé, but also the ease of transportation and light-weight functionality. 

Check out Marilyn Killing it on the Burnside

Solé Bicycle Co - The Burnside

Glenn's Notes:

"Solé is the exact kind of brand that I like to work with....hip and smart, with a genuine commitment to their product. 

Even my SOLÉ turns heads wherever I go....and I am not a 'tattoo'd major babe'."

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