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Decade of Solé

Earlier this year we took poll from all of our past customers, fans, and entire Solé Family. The people have spoken and we would like to present our 10 year anniversary collection "Decade of Solé."

It's hard to believe this is our 10th year in business... We could not have done it without all of you. Thank you all for your support which helped get Solé to where we are today.

Here's to another 10 years of pushing pedals.

the Micklish II

Fortune will follow when cruising town on the Micklish! This bike was created as a tribute to our good old friend, Justin Micklish. We created this bike back in 2012 as a tribute to Justin for continuously helping us along the way. A true monarch of his time, and with the style to match came our design for the Micklish. The colors of the sleek matte black frame and fork matched with the raw, but stylish look of anodized gold components, the Micklish was born. Now, better than ever the Micklish II has been resurrected. "With style and swag, make your way through town feeling Mick-a-lishous."

the Ex II

Well, haven't we all had a few of these! The Ex was the earliest bike from our 10 Year Anniversary Collection, dating back to 2010. The inspiration from this bike came from one of our founders, Jonathan Shrfitman, and his romance with his first true college love. The colors were tastefully picked as they were her favorite color blend; light blue and white with silver components. This bike had an undisclosed name at the beginning of production, but with the lead time at about 6 months to produce this beauty, the romance had fizzled out and the bike soon became the Ex! "Don't get back with your Ex."

the Admiral II

The Admiral commands respect! This bike was created with the ocean and our nautical roots in mind. The inspiration for this bike came from our Head of Marketing at the time, Dave Lamelza, and his uncanny need to be the king of the sea- or was it the Venice bar scene? The colors were pulled from the uniform of the highest-ranking naval officers uniform, white and navy with a gold crank and chain. Just enough gold to mean business. This bike will always be a true classic to the Solé family. The Admiral was lost at sea for a few years, but now the Admiral II is back and saltier than ever. "Sail On!"