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Fixed Gear VS Single Speed

Fixed Gear Bike vs. Conventional Single Speed Bike (Commuter)

Though the fixed gear bike and Single-Speed commuter bike both fall under the category of a single speed bike, there are some similarities and differences between the two.  This comparison is intended to give you an overview between the two bikes to determine which type of ride fits your needs.  But remember, no matter which direction you go on your purchase you will still be riding the best– a Sole Bicycle.

Similarities (Fixed Gear / Single Speed Commuter)

·      Low maintenance

·      Lightweight

·      Reasonably priced

·      Clean look

·      Custom appearance

·      “Flip-flop” hub on all bikes

·      No derailleurs, shifters, or multiple chain rings

·      No side force on the chain from shifting gears

Differences (Fixed Gear / Single Speed Commuter)

Fixed Gear:                                                  

·      Limited or no braking at all

·      Not easy to ride as a beginner

·      Not able to coast/cruise

·      Part of a growing sub culture (trendy)

·      Slim tires

·      Natural feel to the riding surface


Single Speed Commuter:

·      Full braking capability

·      Easy to ride

·      Ability to freewheel and coast

·      Comfortable positioning

·      Soft ride 

Sole Bicycles fixed gear bikes and single speed bikes each have the capability for freewheel or fixed gear riding by adjusting the “flip-flop” hub.  This unique feature for all of our bikes allows for more freedom with the initial purchase should choice of riding technique change over time.

The transition to switch over the pedaling mechanism is almost as fast as a fourteen second NASCAR pit stop– well, not that fast!  By simply removing the back tire and turning it around from the position it was removed from, you have quickly and easily gone from “fixie” to freewheel or vice versa.  Again, now there is no need to fret when making the choice to purchase one of our quality Sole Bicycles, because you can easily go from daredevil to laid back beach roamer overnight.  Kind-a-like the Superman thing in the phone booth!