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Single Speed

What is a Single Speed Bike?

A single speed bike is any type of bike that does not have multiple gears, but instead, just one single gear or speed.  In other words, all single speed bikes have a simple and efficient straight chain line from the crank to the rear gear on the wheel.  Commuter bikes, fixed gear mountain bikes, fixed gear road bikes (city bikes), cruiser type bikes, track bikes, and BMX bikes are some of the many different kinds of bikes that fall under the category of single speed bikes.

There are different variations of the pedaling mechanisms that are associated with single speed bikes.  The two most common are: fixed gear and freewheel.  A fixed gear bike has a continuous pedaling motion in which the pedals move in the same direction as the back tire and never stop rotating.  Alternatively, freewheel pedaling allows for the rider to enjoy more of a relaxed ride by being able to coast, such as with our commuter bikes.

Luckily all of our bikes come with a flip-flop hub that allows you to ride Fixed-Gear or Free-wheel single speed!

Blue and White Single Speed Bike

The focus here is on our classic commuter bikes that are custom made to relax and cruise along.  The comfortable upright positioning that these single speed commuter bikes allow for have become very popular for people who just want to be outside to get some fresh air and chill.  Whether your cruising the lakefront, gliding along the ocean side, passing through the woods, or just out on open terrain, the commuter bike is the perfect ride.  There is no place unacceptable to ride your custom Solé commuter bike.

We specialize in a wide range of commuter bikes that fit all age groups, personalities and interests.  Whether your still young and highly ambitious, or retired and just looking to enjoy life, we can bring the perfect fit to your riding experience.  A bike is very similar to that of a car, and when you're out for a commuter bike ride, the bike becomes part of you.  We sell a wide range of accessories to bring out the life of your bike and personalize it to your tastes.

The most versatile aspect of our commuter bikes is that when you feel like you're up to more of a challenge, you can easily switch the pedaling mechanism from a freewheeling, coasting motion to that of a fixed gear bike, or “fixie” as it is commonly known.  This switchover is done by use of our “flip-flop” hub which comes with every Single Speed / Fixed gear bike we sell here at Sole Bicycles.  So just like getting your first bike again and learning how to ride with training wheels, when the time comes to move onto a bigger challenge you have the option to easily switch over and go “fixie”.

Click here to view the fixed gear bike vs. conventional commuter bike comparison to better acquaint yourself with the specifics of each of these types of single speed bikes.  Also, feel free to continue browsing our website,, or visit us on Facebook at to see what other people are saying about their biking experiences on our Sole Bicycles.