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Artist Series | Brian Johnson V4

Artist Series | Brian Johnson V4

The Solé Artist Series is a reflection of our creative spirit and our love of community and collaboration. We try to push the boundaries with everything that we do, taking bikes places they haven't been before (especially art galleries).

Brian Johnson is no stranger to creating masterpieces on our bicycle frames. He follows his Creepy Crawler, Porcelain Dream, and Free Spirit with the Observer.

Artist Series | Brian Johnson

the Observer


This design for this art bike comes from both observation and inspiration of my surroundings. I make time to observe the environment whenever I can. Whether I am watching city lights at night, or checking out vibrant colors of nature during the day. I am in awe of the energy and inspiration in the world around me.

I hope this bike will serve as a reminder that all the beautiful color and shape everywhere should be celebrated.

- Brian Johnson


Born and raised in southern California. I spent the majority of my adolescence on bikes and skateboards. Growing up in the 80’s culture, I was introduced to many types of cultures both artistically and personally. Ever since I can remember, I have lived a life of creating. Whether it was through painting, drawing, sculpting, woodworking or other multimedia art forms, I found a home in art and peace within the process of making things. I attempt to be creative every day in one form or another.

Working on this particular Solé Art Bike has been such a great experience for me. It allowed me to combine my favorite artistic processes; painting and sculpture. Although I did not sculpt the bike, it was a huge part of the decision process in what type of art I chose to put on it. Each time I think about what will go into the artwork like this, I think about what it is that currently inspires me, and the surface I am going to be making or working on.

Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoy what I have created.



the Observer has been SOLD!