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Artist Series | SEBO

Artist Series | SEBO



I have never painted a bike before, but as an avid bike rider, I jumped on the opportunity. It was both fun and difficult to paint. I decided a freestyle “doodle” was the best way to paint the whole bike and make sure I covered every corner and groove. I wanted to create a pattern that looked both good in motion and still - something that catches your eye and makes you want to take a closer look. 

Hope you guys like it and that it inspires others to get creative. SOLESEBO!


I grew up in Oregon and am the youngest of three boys. I picked up drawing at an early age. Being a pretty shy kid, it was one of the only things I felt comfortable expressing myself with. My mom is an artist and helped me explore different mediums early on - colored pencils, water color, stained glass. Drawing and painting continued to be a hobby for me, but quickly took a backseat when I discovered skateboarding. I started skating around 2000 and was instantly hooked. No coach, no rules, just creative freedom to do whatever I wanted.

I made the trek from Oregon to Venice beach around 2009, to pursue my dream of becoming a professional skater. For the first few years, I lived in my van and started to dive back in to art - mainly painting grip tape and boards for friends and family. In 2013, I decided to create an art Instagram page as a way to connect with a wider customer base. It helped me keep busy, focused and creative off the board. Since then, my art has evolved in to bigger canvas pieces and murals. Just like skateboarding, my style approach is an ever evolving thing. There is so much art in the world of skateboarding - the graphics, clothing, video parts etc.. “skateboarding is your weapon to create” - Gonz - and being able to connect with skateboarders through art, has been so special.


This bike SOLD!