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Artist Series | SHELBY & SANDY

Artist Series | SHELBY & SANDY

Bones Brigade

by Shelby & Sandy 

About the Artist

Shelby and Sandy are brothers who do quite a bit together.  Growing up in bunk beds in the same room, they had a lot of time for activities.  Whether it be climbing trees, analyzing the human response of burning dog poo on the neighbors porch, or teaching voodoo in the cul-de-sac of their childhood house in Irvine, they were definitely cut from the same cloth.  That cloth happens to be the amniotic sac their mother held them each in for 9 months, and it makes sense as the boys attribute a lot of their success to the artistic talents she instilled upon them at a young age.


Now the boys wreck havoc all over Venice and Santa Monica with their brightly lit colors, infused with pop & childhood icons. There’s a subtlety in the evoked emotions that allow the viewer to reflect back on the nostalgic moments of their lives. Quickly becoming a staple in LA’s art scene, the brothers are working very hard to create their first solo show which we are extremely excited to check out.


Shelby & Sandy were nice enough to be the most recent participants of our Solé Artist Series™, and the results were astonishing. A dark pop-art creature emerged to life like we have never seen a bike of ours do before. It’s a true spectacle, so if you’re around the Venice area, make sure to stop in at our shop and check it out in person.