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Artist Series | Shereen Jenkins

Artist Series | Shereen Jenkins

To kick off our first Artist Series of 2022, we’d love to introduce Shereen Jenkins, a multifaceted, traveling artist.

The Solé Artist Series is a reflection of our creative spirit and our love of community and collaboration. We try to push the boundaries with everything that we do, taking bikes places they haven't been before (especially art galleries).

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Artist Series | Shereen Jenkins



"To turn the unseen visible. To turn the visible to the unseen. Paradox. Contrast. These are all concepts I bring into my creations as they serve to be pivotal foundations. Anything could be and could not be depending on the observer and their life experiences. Life is in the heart of the beholder, within the soul, and everyone's truth is their own. I feel it's important to understand the perspective of self and others and I bring this into my work to give the observer a chance to find what resonates with them, from me. They may see something different than me, in my own work, but that does not make it wrong. It simply reveals another truth. One truth revealing another truth but born from difference. Perspective enables growth, allows for compassion, and reveals vulnerability rather than concealing it in fear. Perspective opens the door to connectivity.

"I wanted to create a bike that lit someone's soul and served as a reminder of what it means to be alive.. A bike that inspires them, every time, to take a ride and surrender to the idea of limitation.

"I hope for the rider to feel free in exploring life however they feel. To free flow from the soul.

"I hope this bike offers a sense of peace and connectivity."

- Shereen Jenkins


I was born and raised all over Ohio but have spent the more recent years living in and exploring the states from Florida, New York and this past year traveling cross country in an RV to reside in Arizona.

My artistry is expansive and not limited to drawing. Any medium that allows for me to surrender myself and flow I'm more than likely participating in to some degree.


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