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With humble beginnings originating from Kansas City, MO, DeWayne "Steezus Christ" McMurry is a living expression of what life looks like when you stay true to what you believe in and pursue your dreams.

From manifesting some of the most extraordinary opportunities, to withholding the composure to battle through unfavorable situations, DeWayne has been a genuine inspiration to not only his peers and individuals around the world, but has truly influenced an entire culture and inspired the new generation.

As one of the most known unknowns in the world of skateboarding, DeWayne's association with The Berrics, one of the world's most visited skate websites, introduced the general public to the "Steezus Christ'' brand. His infectious personality and good energy was undeniable, and his 'public debut' on The Berrics created a cult following, which compounded DeWayne's positive influence on the culture overnight. DeWayne’s been an industry figurehead ever since, effectively producing and creating content be- hind the scenes, whilst simultaneously maintaining a strong on-camera presence.

With an unwavering desire for knowledge, a non-stop positive outlook on life, and a contagiously uplifting spirit, DeWayne has not only been the ideal ambassador for a bundle of industry-critical brands such as Skullcandy, eS Footwear, and The Berrics, but most notably has transcended the skateboard industry to become a notable figure in the sneaker world and streetwear culture.

Under his mantra of "Don't quit your day dream", DeWayne is a reminder to all that dreams do come true and a lifestyle can become your job. DeWayne is a reflection of patience, persistence and conviction, of which he stayed true to himself and his beliefs. Thus, resulting in a character who is well-known globally for his passion to continue growing skateboarding ethically, and keeping kids all around the world uplifted and inspired.

DeWayne is one of the most recognizable digital media profiles in the industry, and is blessed to travel the world and engage the youth, investing his time simply to remind kids and his admirers not to quit their day dream. That said, it's clear that DeWayne’s ability to inspire others simply through his inherent character and way of living is due to his conscious efforts to stay grounded, and most importantly, spend time to reflect. This can be seen on a weekly basis on the globally recognized podcast, The Nine Club Experience.

DeWayne's delivery, both verbally and in action, is a demonstration that qualifies he lives by the advice he gives. Unquestionably respected by his peers, associates and corporate partners, DeWayne is a pure "by-product" of what a wholesome life in skate- boarding can create if one stays true to themselves and the culture that raised them. DeWayne’s embodiment of this testament is what makes him so valuable to the industry, of which he stands to become a legacy-profile that will never be forgotten. 

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