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Solé x CLSC: the Flash

Solé x CLSC: the Flash

What do you get when two Los Angeles brands join forces and decide to procreate? Well, they have a baby in the form of an all-reflective bike -- the first ever of its kind. That's right, your own personal flashing beacon of radness.


The limited edition release of "the Flash" was the end product of a partnership between yours truly and CLSC. For those of you who have been living under a rock, CLSC has been a staple in the streetwear community for several years. 


One of the main design points we aimed to tackle when designing this limited edition bike was the use of reflective components. As most things go here, we've only got one speed... Reflective components evolved into reflective bicycle and the rest was history. Who wants to wear an orange hi-vis vest anyways?


More about the Flash:
  • Totally illuminated when light shines on it
  • Limited Edition Collection
  • Super lightweight and agile -- at only 26lbs this is the go to commuter
  • Features our flip-flop hub (ride fixed or single speed) and a front brakes