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Cruising USA | Austin, Tx

Cruising USA: Austin, Tx

We’re stoked to introduce the 18th installment of our Cruising USA series, where we take you on a tour through the live music capital of the world, Austin, Tx. Behind the lens is the multi-diverse digital artist Cyn Lagos.

As a result of her personal journey as an immigrant pursuing the American Dream, Cyn has embarked on a mission to inspire social change and educate the world on conscious visual storytelling.

Learn more about Cyn and check out her photos below.

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About Cyn Lagos


Cyn Lagos is a Latin American visual storyteller with a focus on multi-diverse digital expressions; street photography, graphic design, and the mentorship of aspiring artists.

She has been remarked by global tech companies such as Facebook, Google, and Adobe. Most notably she has been selected by Adobe to lead educational livestreams on the innovative Behance platform, where Cyn continues to foster the creativity of aspiring artists.

About the Location


There's just something breathtaking about exploring your city, feeling the wind as you pedal your way to a day of outdoor fun in Austin, Texas!

With my new Sole bike ready and a map of Austin's newly renovated bike network in hand, I stepped out on an early morning thrilled for the journey ahead. Anyone who has been here will tell ya, that there's no shortage of experiences in Austin. I found myself exploring the colorful street art by Josef Kristofoletti in downtown, the kayaking scene in Ladybird lake, swinging by for a quick rock-climb at my local gym, and even stopped for pizza at one of my favorite spots "Home Slice" in the famous street of South Congress.

I gotta say, one of my most memorable rides has to be visiting the "I love you so much" mural or better-said message left on a wall by local musician Amy cook to her partner Liz Lambert. A kind reminder of the celebration of love and gay pride that makes this city for me, feel like a home away from home.

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