Cruising USA: Breckenridge, CO

Cruising USA: Breckenridge, CO

The thirteenth installment of our Cruising USA series takes us to the beautiful rockies to the famous ski town of Breckenridge, CO. While cruising around on el Blanco II, Arthur Balluff hows us where he calls home, utilizing the best mode of transportation - his gorgeous Solé Bicycle. 


"I wanted to show off the el Blanco II in some of the most iconic spots around Breckenridge. Nearing fall, it was important for me to highlight the astounding vibrant colors that autumn brings to our town. Some of the spots I chose were the iconic floating Dredge in the middle of town, ‘Isak Heartstone’ - an art sculpture of a giant troll by the well-known artist Thomas Dambo, and the iconic rusty-orange slug bug, which is known as being a hotspot for photographers from all over. I also wanted to incorporate my favorite night photography from around Breckenridge, including the stars, and the orange glow of our snow globe of a town. This bike is gorgeous, and is an art piece itself, and I’ve been so excited to photograph it up here at 9,600ft above sea level."


- Arthur


Arthur Balluff Bio:

Arthur Balluff is a photographer & digital artist based in Breckenridge, Colorado. Born in the high mountain desert of Boise, Idaho, Arthur has spent his life exploring the mountains. Backpacking and foraging in the spring & summer months, and snowboarding during winter, he has been drawn to the beauty of our natural landscapes. Using a combination of cinematography, photography, and design, Arthur blends nature’s landscapes with geometric design elements to produce unique displays of nature and manmade creations.

You can find out more about Arthur and his work by visiting or check out his IG @artballa