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Cruising USA | Brooklyn, NY

Cruising USA | Brooklyn, NY

Cruising USA: Brooklyn, NY

We love seeing and sharing the Solé Family enjoying their bicycles, and as Biggie said, “Spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.” That is exactly what we are here to do with the 17th installment of our Cruising USA series. Cruising over to the East Coast to New York City’s most populous borough, we’re stoked to present Brooklyn through the lens of Ahmad Elmzaghi.

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About Amhad


Ahmad Elmzaghi is a New York based freelance photographer who produces visually arresting content made to forge a deeper meaning with the viewer. Finding his passion for photography in the year 2017, Ahmad fell in love with the places his camera and bicycle would take him. “Cycling has a sick way of being completely meditative, you really become a part of what surrounds you. In a way, it takes the same amount of focus as taking a still image, being in the present moment of what the world has given me. Biking and photography teaches you a lot about yourself and who you are as a person.”

About the Location


There’s just something about being in a place that feels far from normal. A place that takes you to a different time, the sounds, the smell, the people. Oddly enough Brooklyn has a way of doing just that. Surrounded fully by industrialized buildings and landmarks from decades ago. Riding around Brooklyn makes you feel beloved by the location. Right under the Brooklyn Bridge near the Manhattan Bridge it has a mix of a mellow urban area and a mix of the NYC culture, where most of the vintage buildings lie to bring you back to the meaning of an industrial borough. Either way you go in Brooklyn, you are greeted by a place that makes you feel welcomed and a place where you belong.

You can find out more about Ahmad by checking out his IG @ahmadelmzaghi.