Cruising USA: Chicago

The third installment of Cruising USA has our friend Jason Peterson taking us on a tour of his home of Chicago. His black and white photos really draw out the essence of the city itself and make us feel the photos rather than just see them. Read his own words below and check out the gallery below. 


Jason Peterson bio:


I'm am @jasonmpeterson and I live and work in the city of Chicago. I am an avid bike rider and mobile photographer. I ride and take photos on my way to work everyday. I try and ride a different route to and from work as a way to discover the city. I moved to Chicago from NYC 3 years ago and this has been a great way to understand the city. I often return to the same spot where the light was just right and wait for the perfect moment. The dark and clean architecture of Chicago inspires the photos I take. I love to find the small little urban moments that happen every minute of the day, and capture the human scale vs the massive architecture of the city.