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Cruising USA: Costa Mesa, CA

Cruising USA: Costa Mesa, CA

Cruising USA: Costa Mesa, CA

The twelfth installment of our Cruising USA series takes a trip down south, to the Southern Californian city of Costa Mesa. See what photographer Danko Vu - AKA @VUTANGCLAN sees behind the lens as he cruises through his city on the Lincoln Dutch Step Through. 


Costa Mesa is a vibrant and modern city, located about one mile from the Pacific Coast. With its proximity to the beach, and being nestled right in the heart of Orange County, It's no wonder that this city is also known as the capitol of the action sports industry. Here you can find the headquarters for some of our favorite brands like Rip Curl, Vans, RVCA, Volcom, and Hurley International. You can also catch a pretty dope performance at the famous Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Easily check out a few of the cities' gorgeous parks and bike paths, or, like we prefer here at Solé Bicycles, take a ride into the sunset heading west for the gorgeous Orange County coastlines. 


Danko Vu Bio:

I grew up up in Orange County, California and that is where I started my photography. Then, at 17 I moved to LA and that opened my eyes to a different culture of photography. My photography has continued to evolve and developed over the last 10 years. Throughout the years, my subject and style has changed. From automotive, to fashion, to landscape, to portraiture. With these changes, came new skills and techniques. Now I try to take everything I have learned and done and combine them together to create the work that I do today. The inspiration for my work comes from all of the amazing photographers and artists that I follow closely and from everyday life. There is no better feeling than being able to capture a moment in time and making it last for ever. That simple pleasure is my favorite thing about photography.”