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Cruising USA | Las Vegas

Cruising USA | Las Vegas

Cruising USA: Las Vegas, NV

This is the 14th installment of our Cruising USA series checking out the the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas. Behind the lens is the ever talented Antonio Dillard better known as “Deserted In Urban" featuring the Micklish.

About the locations:

"Having a need for adventure and discovering new things I quickly adapted to my new surroundings in Las Vegas with all the vast beautiful desert lands, and modernized architecture. I fell in love with the city and its culture, it looks just like the movies and I set out to capture that through my own visual perspective.

The first location I found on a daily cruise was near boulder city a nicely designed apartment complex. Coming from the east coast you rarely see modernized structures with pops of color, and It happened to match the bike perfectly. The second location was shot around some mountain trails in the outskirts of Blue Diamond. Riding along the trails and gazing at the mountains really show how big our world is and how small we are, I found myself stopping along the way to capture stills of this natural backdrop. The last location was downtown of course. I wanted to bring that movie effect by cruising through the city at night and it was definitely a show to remember."

- Antonio

Antonio Dillard Bio:

Originally from Washington DC, Antonio Dillard other known as "Deserted In Urban" is now currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada as a professional photographer, creative director and stylist. As a visual artist he loves creating with minimalism and finding simplicity in a somewhat noisy environment. he believes that anything is achievable through hard work and perseverance. He enjoys bringing new creative ideas, and minimalistic visions to Brands and People around the world. Creating strong connections and relationships amongst Creatives and communities while throwing some style into it.

You can find out more about Antonio and his work by visiting or check out his IG @desertedinurban