Cruisin' USA: Los Angeles

We've always believed that the best way to explore a strange, new city is by bicycle. When you're on a bicycle in a new city, your experience transforms from passive gazing to full immersion and interaction. The smells change around every street corner, lights vibrating and shimmering with each new neighborhood. Senses fully engaged, you can't help but feel an immediate sense of belonging, promoting a sense of wonder and awe as you glide through the streets. You become one with the city.


We begin our Cruisin' USA series right in our very own backyard. Los Angeles has provided the backdrop from our humble beginnings and has weaved its DNA into the core of our brand, from the color-schemes to the names of our bikes and much more. 


It's only fitting that our first city in our Cruisin' USA series is through the lens of our favorite photographer and dear friend Matthew Miller (@hazardoustaste). We could think of no one better to share some of the many scenes this expansive city has to offer.