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Cruising USA | Salt Lake City, UT

Cruising USA | Salt Lake City, UT

Cruising USA: Salt Lake City, UT

This is the 15th installment of our Cruising USA series checking out lively and colorful city of Salt Lake City, Utah. Behind the lens taking the Waller II around town is Brian Durkee, the owner and Director of Photography of Palinoia Productions.

About the Brian Durkee:

Brian Durkee is the owner/DP at the video production agency Palinoia Productions based out of SLC, Utah. His start with cameras came in the form of a GoPro attached to a mouthguard which he used to film POV videos as a teen of anything and everything. After college, he ended up moving full-time into video production and, as a byproduct, found photography as an outlet to exercise his creative side outside of his traditional video work.


As far as bicycles, Brian loves a good single speed/fixed gear setup, so Sole Bicycles is the perfect bike option for cruising around his city for errands and work. Perfect for three out of four seasons, Brian is quite excited about keeping his Whaler as a nice decorative interior piece when Salt Lake becomes coated in snow. Until then, you can catch him riding all over town just about every day.


For Brian's video work feel free to check out