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Cruising USA: San Diego, CA

Cruising USA: San Diego, CA

Cruising USA: San Diego, CA

This is the 16th installment of our Cruising USA series visiting the Pacific Coast city known for its beaches, parks and warm climate, San Diego, California. Behind the lens is Paris native, New York based Damien de Oliveira who visits San Diego with our latest Single Speed / Fixed Gear the Ballona II.

Damien de Oliveira is a Paris native, who is currently based in New York. While he's a digital marketer by day and he's a photographer by night. Damien received his first bicycle at 2 years old and grew up riding to the sounds of the Tour de France every summer. Growing up he competed in cycling for over 8 years -- he didn’t enjoy it as much as his brothers whom surpassed his talents.

He first came across Solé through craigslist when moving to the U.S. in 2014. He rediscovered his love for bicycles riding the streets of NYC and the sense of freedom that came with it. Not being a big fan of the subway he spends 99% of his time riding through the city always exploring with a camera in hand.

While visiting the West Coat, Damien stopped by the shop in Venice Beach to meet the team. He drove down to San Diego and took the Ballona II for a spin. For Damien, there is no better way to discover every corner of a city than by riding a bicycle.

You can find out more about Damien and his work by visiting or check out his IG @damien_do.