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Cruising USA: San Fransisco

Cruising USA: San Fransisco

Our second installment in our Cruising USA series stays in our Golden State but highlights our friend Matt Maniego and takes a look at San Francisco through his camera lens. Read his write-up and check out the gallery below:

Matt Maniego:

My name is Matt Maniego, freelance filmmaker from San Francisco. I didn't originally plan on being a creative; I studied to be an engineer and got my B.S. in Civil Engineering in 2008. I was a practicing engineer for 2 years, and then in 2010 the economy tanked and I was laid off. I picked up photography as a hobby while I was an engineer and I instantly fell in love with it. I pretty much taught myself everything about photography: techniques, lighting, and picked up video along the way. I took the dive to go full time freelance just last year and here I am today, 3 years after being laid off, enjoying what I do. 

My approach to this project? Ride to all the places I would normally shoot. San Francisco is a photographically diverse place, you can be in an urban jungle one minute, and the next you can be enjoying the sunset at a beach. I'm not an avid bike rider, but the city cruiser definitely made it easy for me to get around. It was light enough for me to carry onto BART (subway), and it got me around comfortably on that awesome seat. It was definitely turning heads, everywhere I went, people complimented that signature seat. Riding around the city gave me a different perspective on places I can go, and am looking forward to more adventures riding the city cruiser.