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Solé Bicycles, Cyclones and House Beer: Bicycle Safari

Aug 22, 2015 | Venice , CA 

This past Saturday, we teamed up with the our dearest friends at House Beer and the Cyclones of Los Angeles (and New York) for the 1st ever Bicycle Safari. It truly was a ride never before seen here on the Westside of LA — we had 200+ friends, family and new faces alike taking up 3 city blocks with every turn of our Safari. Needless to say it was pretty special.


To top things off, our Safari rolled straight into the night, and we ended things even weirder than they started with a special mid-summer heater right here in our backyard. Huge thanks to our friends Plastic Plates, Light Year and Osamu for tearing new soles in our kicks.


Many thanks again to everyone who came and made this one for the books. We’re already counting down the days until the next one..