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Solé Bicycles & B. Cools: The Jaunt III

Jun 04, 2016 | Venice, CA

The ride that started it all…


This past Saturday, we summoned our friends at Barney Cools for yet another annual gathering of the Jaunt. In its 3rd year, the Jaunt called for a celebration unlike any we had throw before. Our day started with a pre-ride neighborhood block party at our Venice Flagship location. Things got a little toasty as Rhyme warmed up the crew with some rare audio cuts, while our friends at House Beer provided an endless supply of ice-cold tall boys to keep our guests properly hydrated.


We decided to end things a little weirder than how they started, with our jaunt up the Venice coast ending at our favorite Abbot neighbor, AUST. Needless to say, it was a real cracker of an evening, with an all-star cast taking turns behind the decks. Special thanks to our friends Light Year, Troy Kurtz, Rhyme, Osamu, Tropicool and Street Veggies for ensuring we’re never allowed back. And many thanks to all our friends, family and partners who make the Jaunt a truly special tradition.


For those of you that blew it and missed this special day, we’ve got some photos to help you pretend you were there.