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Fixtape Vol. 21 Dirtybird ft. J. Philip

Fixtape Vol. 21 | Dirtybird ft. J. Philip

In preparation for everyone’s favorite California massive NYE event, Snowglobe, we teamed up with the dirtybird players to bring you quite a special fixtape. The San Francisco based entity that made its name through funky basslines and quirky new sounds, seemed like the perfect fit for our fun up in the snow. Quite a few of the dirtybird players will be jamming up at the festival including label boss and absolute legend Claude VonStroke. We have to warn you, this one’s a bit heavier than the ‘fixtape’ norm, but figured a little extra voontz in your step wouldn’t be a bad thing; hey, it might even warm your blood.


“Hi Fixtapers! One of points of dance music for me is to keep thinking ahead and moving forward. I did a lot of digging for this fixtape. I really wanted to explore some names and sounds that aren’t totally overplayed while showcasing a few of my favorite new dirtybird tunes as well.” – J.Phlip


01 erdbeerschnitzel – cushion
02 moire – real special
03 mike dehnert & roman lindau & sascha rydell – fachwerk 30 feat. sophia
04 amplify dot – kurt cobain (kry wolf remix)
05 nick olivetti – alto sex
06 neil landstrumm – electrified at dawn
07 benjamin damage – 010x (scntst remix)
08 tessela – nancy’s pantry
09 westboy – green illusion (will monotone beat driven mix)
10 shiba san – okay
11 headless ghost – basik fire
12 voyeur – blame it on the youth (kerri chandler)
13 nikola gala – take me
14 jeremy greenspan & borys – the devil’s punch bowl
15 cassegrain & tin man – high and low