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Fixtape vol 23 Graff

Fixtape Vol. 23 | Graff

Get familiar with Graff. Once sharing the same moniker as Steffi Graf, past world rank number 1 in tennis singles for a record 377 weeks, the German might be sad a name change has taken place. Not many know about this duo, and they might like to keep it that way; at least for a little. über agent and drunken world explorer, sir Latane Hughes, teamed up with his best, yet mysterious & sheik mate, Antone Prowler as they embark on gracing the lands with their electrifying house sets. Anyone who has seen them live know how special this tandem really is. Flawless transitions, vast creativity, and only the hottest new tracks from their secret vault guarded by sloth from the goonies, always make for something special.

We know big things are coming from these boys, so we jumped on asking them to make a tape now before they are number 1. They did not disappoint. Clocking in at just over 2 and a half hours chocked full of amazing samples and a very eclectic track-listing, the creativity for our next Fixtape is unmatched, and you’ll be on grooving’ anywhere. Take this one for a long ride and let the the future legendary beats fill your soul.

Be on the lookout for a full original EP in the next few months.