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Fixtape Vol. 54 | Mansionair

Fixtape Vol. 54 | Mansionair

The thing that we love about the holidays isn’t necessarily the holiday itself. Sure the tropical getaways are rad and bombing down your favorite snow covered mountain with your hometown buds is great and all. But strangely for us, its those moments in between that really encapsulate the holiday season for us. Whether its a long trip back home or an unfamiliar journey to a new destination, you may find yourself with more alone time than you’ve had all year. These moments of solitude amidst the chaos of travel create a unique opportunity for some reflection – something that seems harder and harder to come by these days.


So in the spirit of holiday travel and all those in-between moments, we wanted our latest Fixtape to be a soundtrack to your travels, an audio inspiration for those long trips.


Coming hot off a massive month, with an unbelievable show at the EchoPlex in Los Angeles for Red Bull’s 30 Days in LA, the guys at Mansionair were kind enough to piece together our latest Fixtape — Volume 54 of the Fixtape Series.


We just got back from a pretty intense trip overseas where we were writing, recording and playing shows. Seems like the best way to get through those long trips is to dive in and absorb as many different types of music as possible. Stops you from losing your mind. This mix is essentially a reflection of that. It’s everything that stayed on repeat the whole time we were away.