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Fixtape 22 Miami Horror

Fixtape Vol. 22 | Miami Horror

It’s CLEARLY summer in Australia.  Transient and euphoric, yet funky, the vibes will plop you down next to a pile of sand, a water source, and curve the corners of your mouth upward in this month’s Fixtape. The Miami Horror boys, based out of Sydney, have really put something special together for us. We can’t stop listening, and we’re not sure if thats because we really like it, or because these tones are quite mesmerizing. Probably both. Most tracks are easy to listen to, yet provide just the right amount of funk in your step while the silky smooth vocals elevate the mind and body. Enjoy with a Cocktail. Do less, love more.


“We’ve made this in the middle of yet another sleepless Australian night, as we continue to work on our new album. Can’t wait to share even more with you, but until then keep jamming out to Colours In The Sky, and Real Slow.”



Exclusive Tracklisting:
Duck House – Automatic
Ben Khan – Eden
All of the Colours – Shame (That’s Nice Remix)
Pomrad – Pomslap
Seoul – Stay With Us
Air Zaïre – Sanibel ft. Patrick Baker
Scenic – Ride the Thrill
A Guy Called Gerald – Voodoo Ray
Blood Orange – You’re Not Good Enough
Clubfeet – Cape Town (Panama Remix)
World’s End Press – Reformation Age
Karma Kid – Like I’m On Fire
Jetlag – The Best Things In Life Are Free
Anoraak – Behind Your Shades