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Fixtape vol 16 the Twelves

Fixtape Vol. 16 | The Twelves

It feels like christmas. We’ve been such huge fans of The Twelves for so long we’d by lying to say we weren’t quite a bit wet. We’ve been listening to the 12th hour from BBC radio 1 loyally for quite some time, and now the brazilian synth lords have dropped off their exclusive mix for our Fixtape saga.  We couldn’t be more stoked, mixtapes aren’t made like this anymore; Prepare to enter the groove-synth era of the late 80s with that patented latin flair.


Com Truise – Surf
Gang – KKK (Dub)
Glass Candy – Beautiful Object
Cyber People – Void Vision
Marzio – You’d Better Believe It
Coco Bill – Evita
Dean & Danielle – Victoria (Love Mix ’85)
Massimo Barsotti D.J. – Whole Lotta Love
Smiles – Pendulum (Rock Version)
The Creatures – Believe in Yourself
Amnesie – Turas (Instrumental)
B. Rose – Hey D.J. (Instrumental)
Mr. Master – A Dog in the Night (Vocal Mix)
International Music System – Dancing Therapy
Sky Creakers – You Should Be Dancing (Instrumental)