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Venice Mural / Tarsila Schubert

Venice Mural // Tarsila Schubert

Venice Beach Flagship Mural // Tarsila Schubert

We have teamed up with Brazilian artist Tarsila Schubert, Walls Are For Murals and Catapult World to bring some beautiful art to the walls and entrance of our Venice Retail Store.

The story of how we were connected

Tarsila Schubert was introduced to Aaron Mostow (Founder of Catapult World) through a mutual friend and fellow artist named Paulo Consentino from Brazil.

Paulo mentioned Tarsila was coming to visit Los Angeles from Brazil and thought it would be a cool opportunity to collaborate and find a wall for her to paint while she was in town.

Aaron Mostow connected with friend Andy Dubin (Founder of Walls Are For Murals) who reached out to Solé about doing a mural on their Venice Beach location.

Although this was a lot of connecting people it just goes to show how small the world can become when people have like minded interests.

We're super stoked to have Tarsila's art up for everyone to enjoy! If you're in the area, make sure to swing by the shop, say hi to the crew and snap a pic in front of this amazing piece!

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